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Amid competing demands on limited resources, health professionals need to be able to make a compelling case for new programmes and services. The Health Needs Assessment Toolkit for Congenital Disorders is a comprehensive and innovative system that provides a roadmap for collecting evidence of health needs and engaging stakeholders in planning and implementing strategies for prevention, treatment and care that reflect their local circumstances.

The Toolkit provides:

  • Access to high quality global data on the prevalence and impact of birth defects in 194 countries
  • Expert recommendations about what can be done
  • Information about the effectiveness and cost of interventions
  • Methods for describing current services and identifying the gaps in provision
  • Discussion of some of the key ethical, legal and social considerations in planning services for prevention, treatment and care
  • Advice on how to involve stakeholders including patients and the public
  • A framework for conducting the needs assessment process and writing a compelling case for support
  • Guidance on how to encourage policy- and other key decision-makers to take ownership of the issue and gain commitment to action

Who is it for?

The Toolkit is aimed at government officials, health professionals and other users with an interest in tackling the problem of congenital disorders. It may also be of interest to those who educate health professionals.

Where can I get it?

The Toolkit is completely free to use – all we ask is that you register to access the toolkit so that we know who is using it.

Use the HNA toolkit Use o HNA toolkit (em português)

If you have a question about how to use the Toolkit please contact toolkit[at]bornhealthy[dot]org

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